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Hello guys! Today I’m so happy to share you my teamwork design project. I was very excited to work on it, challenged by Christian et Xavier.

I really enjoyed working on it in pairs with Mehdi, Karine and Abdellah. Good reading to you ;)

The Brief

Imagine the MVP* of an iOS or Android application to enhance the wine or spirits experience by leveraging social networking features

Problem Statement

As a UX UI designer, my mission was to define a problem with my team. For our brainstorming, we used the crazy 8 method on #FigmaJam.

After this crazy 8 session, we chose this problem: How can I discover new local wines when I travel?

1. Research

We made a market research :

  • Vivino App

We like …

  • The wine cellar atmosphere
  • Wine file
  • Search functionality

We don’t like …

  • No “Producer” search function
  • No “around me” search function
  • No “Producer file” / “opinion”
  • Google Maps App

We like :

  • The tool Search by location
  • The Thumbnails on the map
  • The Detailed result sheet

We don’t like :

  • Products not presented
  • Raisin App
We like :

We like :

  • The Home page
  • The tool Search from the map
  • The Winegrower’s file with reviews

We don’t like :

  • Poor winegrower sheet
  • No information on the wines
  • No notes
  • How to leave a review?

Finally, what we keep inspiring us on our design UI UX method :

2. Define

  • Persona & User Journey Map.

Here you can discover our persona, Pierre Bordeaux.

Pierre Bordeaux is a city dweller who lives in Paris.
He loves to travel and discover new experiences.
He loves to share his passions, one in particular: the taste of wine.

He says :
“I travel a lot for my work, I am passionate about oenology and I like to take advantage of these trips to discover and live beautiful experiences around the tasting of local wines.”

When he travels, his main frustration is not knowing how to find local artisanal wines.

So how might we help Pierre Bordeaux to discover a new local wine when he is travelling?

  • Value Proposition

We brainstormed on the Value Proposition to find the best way to help Pierre having the best experience to taste local wine when he is travelling : An application to help Pierre to geolocate local wine producers during his travels with the possibility to book a tasting and allow him to live an oenological experience he will not forget.

3. Ideate

  • Site Map

We worked on the site map to ideate before sketching, and we used again the crazy 8 method on #FigmaJam.

We brainstormed by using the MOSCOW method to keep some features.

  • Sketch the 1st MPV : Lo-Fi prototype

Then we sketched a lo-fi on a paper about the user experience on our future MVP:

We made the user flow of our persona Pierre to use our app with the happy path.

4. Interaction Design

  • Mid-fi Prototype

Several sketches after … and tests, we observed that we made some mistakes on our lo-fi …

That we improved on our Mid-Fi Prototype:

The jobs to be done is : When I use my wine travel app, I want to combine travel and experience, So that I can taste a local wine and enjoy it !

We conducted other users tests and the feedbacks helped us to improve our 1st Mid-Fi. The home page was not interesting. They wanted to be located on a map. But it was not understandable.

  • Example of usage scenario
  • User Tests Feedbacks

We conducted 4 user tests : the feedbacks were very captivating, again to improve the user experience !!

5. Look and Feel

To build the UI step, we built a mood board…

And then we created … our logo thanks to our graphism designer Abdallah

6. Hi FI of our MVP !

Enjoy guys ;)

With the users feebacks we created this Hi-Fi prototype

With our MVP we became aware of the importance of empathy, putting ourselves in the shoes of our persona to understand their problems and help them resolve their frustrations.

User testing also helped us to achieve a better user experience.

Through our MVP, we hope to make it easier for Pierre Bordeaux to have great experiences around the tasting of local wines that he will discover during his travels with local artisanal producers who are not necessarily referenced due to the mass of more known distributors. We hope helping local and small producers by helping Pierre Bordeaux ;)

Hope you enjoyed this post.For my part, I had a lot of fun in this challenge, and I loved working on this MVP. I practised again, and a lot, and I want to improve again and again to perfect myself in Figma, and UI UX Design ;) Please feel free to comment, or if you have any questions, I'll get back to you. Thank you, Zora.

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